Primal Connect

Primal Connect API

Primal Connect is a REST API that allows 3rd party developers to add notification functionality to their software and application. Primal Connect has been developed with over twenty years of Primal Technologies experience. Primal Connect on Amazon Cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. With Primal Connect your application can be Notification enabled in ½ day of inhouse development. For more information on Primal Technologies click here. Primal Connect can be used for many Use Cases:

1. Appointments/Reminders/Status

One of the biggest problems for doctors, dental practitioners and anyone else who operates their business on an appointment basis is no-shows. Manually making calls or sending out emails about appointments can help reduce this, but it’s also very time intensive.

With Primal Connect send a descriptive message with the final phone number. The message will go right to the customers phone.

2. Alerts

With just a little tweaking, you can use the mobile phone to receive email alerts as text messages. For example, service providers can send their service notifications (usually sent as an email) as an SMS message.

The alerts can be Weather, Security Notification or Delayed Bus Schedules.

3. Bill Payment

Want to insure you customer is not forgetting to pay a bill. Perhaps a simple reminder with Primal Connect and you will instantly see a reduction in Accounts Receivables